About Us

We’re a New Zealand technology startup using information and science to bring dignity through great jobs.

Our Vision

People Matter ∴ Do Good

Loads of organisations want to “be good”.

We strive to “do good”.

Our Dream

Matching People To Jobs They Love

We exist to provide dignity globally by matching great companies to great people.

We dream of using data to help everyone find a job they love

coHired Ethos

Matching people to jobs they love takes serious brains, natural curiosity, and zealous collaboration.

We also have some important values that guides everything we do.




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Accomplish Big Dreams Together

Our Magical Journey

Working At coHired

At coHired, we spend a lot of time nurturing our values and our people.

Every one of our coWorkers makes an effort to understand and embody our core vision.

“From the moment I walked into the office, I felt as though I belonged here. From the warm welcomes and hugs at the door to the chit-chat in the lunch room, it just felt right.

In my 20+ years of experience, there are very few companies I can say that about.”

~ Meghan
Implementation Lead & EA to CEO

“It is awesome to be part of a company where your individuality is celebrated, and where there is flexibility and understanding when it comes to working arrangements.

I also appreciated the skills that each member of the team brings towards accomplishing big things together.”

~ Lisa
Organisational Scientist

“coHired TV”

Here’s our (small) collection of videos.

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