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AI + Dignity

At coHired, we’re harnessing AI, advanced organisational science and a deep love for people to quickly match people and jobs.

Faster & Easier

coHired makes it faster and easier to shortlist high volume roles by:

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Does the jobseeker have experience for the job?

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Job Fit

Will they enjoy this job, with these hours, at this location?

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Ethos Fit

Will they fit into the culture and ethos of the team?

We compare the values, work interests, and skills of your top performers with each job applicant through a 5-min application and ethos assessment

Find Your People, Faster

All jobseekers are matched across every single job on the platform, 24/7. If they’re a match for your job and ethos, you’ll find them.

When matching people to jobs they love, we’ve found magical things happen.








Recruit With Confidence

Since each applicant is compared with top performers already doing the job, in-house recruiters and hiring managers are equipped to make smarter and more confident decisions.

Reduce Time To Hire

Whether a job ad has 30 applicants or 500, our matching technology quickly predicts and shortlists top candidates across experience, job, and ethos fit. No more CV fatigue.

Improve Team Ethos

Jobseekers are more than a CV and LinkedIn Profile. Companies are more than pretty words on a wall. Using organisational science, we match each jobseeker to the values of the team.

Put Your Data To Work

CoHired uses machine learning to better understand your workplace ethos, hiring trends, and uncover unconscious bias. Use these insights to build a better workforce.

Streamline Recruitment

Our platform is built to integrate. Whatever your ATS or HRIS, simply plug in the coHired intelligence for seamless recruitment and on-boarding.

Nurture Your Brand

Jobseekers can also be your ambassadors.

These brands are working with coHired to ensure their jobseekers feel
valued and encouraged, even if they aren’t a match.

Start Matching

Our technology creates empowered recruiters.

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